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We have an incredible selection of FHP units available. Whether you are looking for a water-to-air unit or water-to-water unit we have the FHP system for you. Our systems range from small 1/2 ton units to very large 30 ton units! Call us at (904) 739-3332 to see what best suits your needs!

You can call, fax and/or email us your specifications for quick responses, price and delivery quotes. Contact us with the specifics and we’ll get you the information and equipment you need.

If you are replacing an existing unit with a Florida Heat Pump or CTS Tower unit, we will need to know:

  • The brand
  • Model
  • Year of the current unit

If you are looking for Bosch Heat Pump (Previously Florida Heat Pump) or CTS Cooling Tower Solution for new construction . . . . . we are the place to go.

Saving money isn’t the only benefit from Geothermal heat pumps!

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Did you know there are more tax credits out there! View the EnergyStar website to see if you qualify!